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We at Lady Kentmores have a love of all things glamour, and love nothing better than a good night out at a burlesque club some of our good friends and customers are Burlesque performers who like us have a love for all things vintage and  glamorous.

First things first, a lot of you will ask what is Burlesque well it is not all about stripping. It is about Glamour, humour and having style. At a typical Burlesque Club you are as likely to see a singer and some acrobats as you would see a girl performing strip-tease. Some of America's best loved stars like; Abbot & Costello, Bob Hope, Phil Silvers and Mae West started their Careers in Burlesque clubs.

Although Stripping and nipple tassels are all part of the image of burlesque it is more about glamour and style not a bit like the crass and tacky image of Woman that we see in the mainstream media, TV and lads mags that seems to project woman as mere objects. Burlesque actually places the lady in control and it is her in many acts who teases and tricks the male performer into looking the fool. In a lot of the acts clothes are not even removed also a large amount of the acts are male.

The scene attracts large numbers of woman and at a lot of the clubs woman out-number men as they love the style and glamour. dressing to impress is a large part of what it is about with many people taking weeks to design and make that show stopping outfit. At Club Noir which is held at the O2 Academy in Glasgow some of the best outfits are not on the stage but in the audience with people traveling hundreds of miles to come and show off their outfits. how many places can you go out wearing a tailored suit or evening dress and dance to Frank Sinatra while drinking champagne.

Scotland has a very vibrant Burlesque scene and is home to Club Noir which is a Guinness world record holder as the worlds largest burlesque club, as well as great burlesque nights Scotland has some of the best Vintage Clothes and accessory shops in the world, so you can always look your best whether on stage or in the audience.