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Are The Original Way To Be Green


Today everybody is spouting words and quotes like; green, carbon neutral, recycling etc. Well Antique shops have been doing this for years.

Antique shops like ours are the original way to recycle we have items that have had 6 or 7 owners, before we find them a new home, and that is a fantastic thing to be able to say in these disposable times.

We sell vintage vinyl records that can be up to 50 years + old I don't think for one minute that cd's will be around for so long, So before you buy a massed produced item take a moment to think whether a Vintage or antique item might last longer and be better for the planet.

An Ikea chair might appear cheap at first glance but will it last as long as a classic 1960's version which in a lot of ways has the original style that companies like this try to copy.

You should always buy the best you can afford as quality always works out cheaper in the end, I will give you two examples;

First is my favourite shoes that I am wearing as I write this are a wonderful pair of loake's boots that cost just over £140 expensive shoes I hear you say but just think about this, I have had this shoes for over five years wearing them on average three days a week. They have had four new soles and two new heels over that time at an average cost of £15 so a total cost of £200 over five years, that is £40 a year and will get less as time goes on as they still look as good as new. I could of brought a cheaper pair of shoes that say would have cost £65 but in that time how many would I have worn out?

The second way to explain this is about watches you could buy a Seiko for about £155 and a year old Rolex Submariner for about £1700 in 2003. Looking at this most of you will think the Rolex is the more expensive watch. Well you would be wrong as if you fancied a change your Sieko will now be worth £15 if you can sell it at all but the Rolex will be worth about £3000 today (2009) the Seiko has cost you £135 but for the pleasure of wearing the Rolex you are being paid £1300. How do I Know well I am not wearing a Seiko.

We feel more people should invest in classic good quality items that will last generations not just end up in a landfill in under a decade.

Quality will always be a better investment