Get to know the Lunatics who run the asylum,

Lady Kentmores is a family run shop and here we are;



Amy-Madison has inherited a love of old thing from her dad and accompanies him on many treasure hunting adventures.Her interests are antique toys and dolls with a love of treasure, as well as anything else that glitters.



George is in charge when Amy-Madison is not in. He got a early start in the trade as his mother used to drag him around Antiques markets and auctions while he was still in a pram and his love for the trade has stayed with him ever since.

George is also a TV antiques expert and presenter and has been seen on ITV, BBC, Channel 4 etc. as well as writing numerous articles about antiques and the trade in general.



The newest member of the team is Georgie he is just learning but loves antiques and collectables that make a big noise :-)